Imagine making a cake … with a 7 year old, who is apparently the naughtiest kid around the block with a whole lot of energy, and you are left to babysit this little rascal. You are craving some fresh baked goods, and the kid is complaining about the jelly beans. But wait! The kid is extremely cheeky and won’t let you do any of the work. He wants to bake the cake all by himself. Rules are simple, you give the instructions, and the child follows them. Oh my! how you might wish you hadn’t been born. “Now, now” You…

I’ll try my best to get this through to you as simply as humanly possible. Although I assume, you have some knowledge beforehand about this programming gig, let alone Python.

What are operators used for?

Simply put, to control and manage data inside an application, but if you want to go further down operators are used to define how one piece of data is compared to another piece of data as well as to modify information within a single variable. For an operator to work, you must provide it with a variable or an expression. …

Even though Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, the installation process of this application is a bit tricky and might throw you off guard. So here’s a step by step guide on how to get Python up and running, quite specifically in a machine with Windows 10.

Downloading Python

Head up to

Under the ‘downloads’ tab you’ll see the option to download the latest version that’s available,which in this case is ‘Python 3’. You can download earlier versions of Python, although I don’t recommend it. ‘Python 2’ is still used in the market and has it’s expiry date…

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